Lost and Found

Lost and Found is closely based on a true story and I think it is the fact that the author has captured this aspect so well that gives the story authenticity. Understandably personal details, names and locations have been changed but the central character, Marjory, has given her blessing to her tale being told and has clearly worked with the author to ensure the events are correct.

This novel tells the life story of Marjory right from when she was adopted as a baby. Adoption is dealt with in different ways. Some parents keep this information from the child until they feel they are old enough to understand it and some choose to allow the child to grow up fully aware of their history. In Marjory’s case she grew up in full knowledge that she was adopted and was perfectly happy with her place in the family.

However, as time moved on and the family changed, for various reasons, Marjory set out to find her biological parents. And it is at this point that you can particularly tell it is a personal story as unlike what can appear in fiction this tells the tale of the struggle to find out information, the disappointments and the fact that there is not always a happy ever after…at least in some respects. I shall leave the details at that point as I don’t want to give anything away.

This is a well written, gently paced and thoughtfully told story although occasionally with a bit more detail than necessary. Despite this it manages to draw you on as you want to discover the outcome. Those seeking their own biological parents would do well to read it because being based on reality it sheds some light on the process, as well as the patience, and strength, needed to follow it.

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