Lukes Rule

In Luke’s #1 Rule Chloe is a single mum looking to make a new start with her two sons in Seattle where she has a high-flying job with a salary to match waiting for her. She negotiates being able to take her sons away from her ex, Spence, by paying him off, gifting him the house which he takes. He needs it, for his new wife, the next child, already on the way and because due to his addictions, drugs and alcohol, it’s an easy way out. A move he soon starts to regret.

Luke comes from Blue Lake and has just one rule, no dating single women with children. He gets to meet Chloe due to the meddling of their mothers but, coming under emotional pressure from all sides and determined to put her boys first, she takes a dim view of his reaction to her children when they first meet.

This is an easy to read story but with more bite to it than your standard romance. This author has very convincingly managed to incorporate the difficult topics of addiction, with all the issues that causes for everyone involved, along with the complications that arise with blended families in a way that is both authentic and makes you feel for the characters throughout this read.

I loved the setting of Blue Lake in the first of this series, Blue Heaven, and this book has only reinforced that view. A settled small friendly town, cottages by the lake where evenings are filled toasting marshmallows on bonfires on the beach, what’s not to like?

I reviewed Blue Heaven here.

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