Blue Summer

Harrison has a wonderful tale to tell in a great setting. This is an enjoyable light summer read which tells the story of Eva Delacroix who is determined to renovate her childhood holiday home, Blue Heaven, on the banks of Lake Huron. She only has a small budget and meets with resistance at the bank when Daniel Bryman refuses to help her. He has his own views on how he would like the build to proceed and as they start to get to know each other better they come to an arrangement to get the redevelopment completed. Trying to get all the works done in a short amount of time, as Eva wants to rent the properties out in the coming holiday season, they become closer and after various setbacks romance blossoms. Eva manages to achieve an extraordinary amount in terms of building and setting up her new business but not everyone is as friendly in this town as they first appear and she has to deal with having the opening of her new enterprise sabotaged.

Through the course of this story an awful lot happens which keeps the story moving along briskly but it felt to me as if it was all a little bit rushed. I like detail and would have loved to have had more depth to the descriptions already given because it sounds like an idyllic setting filled with interesting people and I would have liked to have been able to absorb myself fully in these. That, however, is purely a personal issue and Harrison does a good job of her main characters and the romantic element and for those looking for some holiday fun this will fit the bill for a light hearted read.

The sequel, Luke’s Rule, is also already available and waiting for me to get to it!

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  1. I remember enjoying this book a while ago.

  2. […] found out from this interview that she has published so much more!! I have reviewed Blue Heaven here, and Luke’s #1 Rule here and on the strength of these I have just bought Love and Death in Blue […]


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