Bootcamp Bride

Boot Camp Bride is an intriguing romantic romp across the marshes of Norfolk with the naive but enthusiastic Charlee and deliciously sexy and terribly capable leading man, Rafa.

Charlee Montague is a badly treated intern at What’Cha! Magazine and the fabulously named Rafael ‘Rafa’ Fonseca-Ffinch is a well respected, if somewhat weary, photographer who has reported from some of the most troubled areas of the world and has recently returned from Columbia where things went badly wrong. They team up when Rafa needs Charlee to infiltrate a boot-camp for brides to take a photo of a Russian supermodel, Anastasia Markova. In order to do this they have to get engaged and pretend to be in love. However danger threatens because there are other reasons why Rafa wants Charlee at the boot-camp and then both start wondering how easy it will be to walk away from their “engagement.”

Here is a delicious snippet from Vanessa, Charlee’s hateful boss.

“‘For the love of God, Sally, check out what each of them is wearing before you let them loose on the unsuspecting guests. Most of them look like extras from the “Devil Wears Primark”. I’ve never seen so many synthetic fabrics together in one room. A carelessly positioned candle and the whole place could go up.’ Her cold blue eyes treated them to one, last hypercritical sweep before she left the room, leaving a trail of her signature lung-clogging perfume in her wake.”

Entertaining with comedic elements throughout, the pace of this well written tale rattles along at a good rate with sexual tension building from the start. I found some of Charlee’s reactions to be a little knee-jerk at times and was surprised that no one in her family felt the need to ask her if the engagement wasn’t a bit quick considering none of them had met Rafa before, or even heard of him, but those small points aside although this is a lighter read than I would normally choose I found it a lovely one to wind down on holiday with and it’s definitely one to recommend.

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7 Responses to #Bookreview for #romantic #suspense Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb @lizzie_lamb
  1. Love your review, Georgia. This one is on my reading list.

  2. A great review Georgia. I loved Lizzie’s first book, even though romance isn’t usually a genre that I read. I think she’s a great writer and very skilled at building up the sexual tension. 🙂

  3. What a fun review! I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet. Onto the TBR immediately.

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