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This series has been all over the place style wise for various reasons, as well as taking forever to post, but according to the adverts on TV this is clearly the time for booking that holiday. So although I feel like keeping the joys of Gozo to myself for fear of you all overpopulating the place I hope that someday you get to discover the wonderful people and places that make up this island.


Dahlet Qorrot

Today we discover treasure. We’ve been to San Blas Bay (over the other side of the island to where we are staying) on a previous trip and survived the climb back up the treacherously steep road. Cars are actively discouraged from making the descent and for a few euros you can get a lift back up (I think on the back of a quad bike) – but not on the day we went. So today we set off instead for Dahlet Qorrot Bay, near San Blas – and what a find. The farmland down to this bay looks particularly well organised and, with watering systems in place, is lush with produce. Orchards burst with lemons.


I forgot to tell you yesterday about our visit to the salt pans, near Xwejni Bay, where some families still farm the salt and buried in the cliffs nearby are doors and small grilled windows that remind me of Hobbit homes.

Salt pans resizedSalt pan sign

These are more of these at Dahlet Qorrot and we have a good walk over the low cliffs here.

Hobbit Holes resized

I snorkel again and it’s bliss. Sunlight dapples through the water onto rocks and the sand lies in ripples along the bottom. No moments of alarm are caused by the sighting of jelly fish although a teenager has gone into the water before me, kitted up with a knife strapped to his calf and carrying a harpoon gun (very Thunderball!) which has a vicious looking trident on the end of it and I hope he doesn’t see me as something harpoonable!

I see shoals of larger fish and then start spotting smaller ones, more and more of them all pointing in the same direction, hanging as if suspended and, apart from the occasional tail flick, completely still so I join in for a while getting in line to see what we are waiting for (the British love a good queue!) However as my mind drifts off I begin to imagine the huge whale mouth opening up behind me and with visions of Pinocchio ending up in the belly of just such a creature coming to mind – I move on.

Whale mouth

I try to capture these moments of peace and silence as I hang in the water this morning, and keep my breathing slow and steady so that when I’m back in my frantic life I can conjure up that feeling of complete calm. And then I leave the sea for the final time – and I hate that, I really do, every time it’s the last time, and I wonder how long it will be before I get to do this again… too long, of that I’m certain.

Toes in the sand

I dry in the sunshine and study the gekkos that have no fear as they skitter close by.

Gekkos resized

We see a snake!! We are driving along and there it is crossing the road in a zig-zag fashion and moving quickly. It’s black and shiny so loving the dramatic I automatically assume it’s a black mamba. We’ve passed it before we even realize what it is so we turn back and draw up close and I start to get out to take a photo but I’m stopped by my BH, which is why he is my BH, as he has visions of it leaping for my throat! We are told later that it’s the non-venomous Maltese snake and I fail to get a decent picture to show you – sorry!

We get back to the farmhouse and I’m drawn to burying my face in my beach towel, when I’m meant to be packing, and inhaling the deliciousness of sunshine, sea and sun cream.

I finish Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb today and my review is here.

 Bootcamp Bride

This week I have also been listening to an audio book when I’ve been out and about – Times Change: Time and Again by Nora Roberts and my review is here.

 Time Was Time and Again Book 2

We finally leave, and in the words of someone else, have taken nothing but great memories and photos and left nothing but footsteps… oh and a couple of books 😉

bookshelf resized

So much has happened since this was taken…new covers…and a new book 🙂

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  1. Aww – it’s finished. Wish you’d been there two weeks! 🙂

  2. I loved this series! You made me feel like I was on vacation with you. (And I kind of loved that it was posted over many months. It was fun to take these mini vacs!)


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