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Mark Dawson is an award-nominated, multiple USA Today bestseller, with more than 20 books and over 2 million copies downloaded worldwide in multiple languages. James Blatch isn’t – but he’s doing his best to learn how.

And this podcast seems like an excellent place to be doing just that.

This has been a new podcast for me and at well over 100 episodes published already I have listened from where I subscribed rather than going into the back catalogue at all.

Just to give you a flavour of what this podcast offers there has been:

Booklab with David F. Berens – this was the first of this type of episode on this podcast and was incredibly interesting. Author David F. Berens had his author platform scrutinised by experts* and the listener was able to see the before and after detail as there was a pdf that could be downloaded to accompany the episode. The difference made to this authors book cover and blurb was tremendous and it would be interesting to hear from David F. Berens again in the future to see if that has impacted on his book sales.

*I could really do with having this done to my books!

Getting Twitter to Fly for Authors with Ian Sutherland – having become rather fed up of using Twitter this was interesting, as was learning about all the changes that Twitter have made.

And of course there is an episode on GDPR. I haven’t listened to this one yet but by the time this post is published I probably will have done and am eager to hear what guidance is given.

However, there is much, much more to the Self-Publishing Formula than just the podcast, as if that wasn’t already enough! Mark Dawson has produced courses from Advertising for Authors to Self-Publishing 101 which have kick started many authors careers. There is a terrific website (link below) with loads more information on it and you can sign up to receive a SPF starter package of videos and weekly inspirational emails. I have signed up and am carefully collecting everything that comes in into its own folder until such time as I can give it my full attention.

This podcast does exactly what it says. It inspires and educates and I shall definitely be sticking with it and learning all I can. Thank you Mark and James!


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