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Now, as I stated in my previous post here I am just starting Marinade Month and whilst my work in progress is locked away from prying eyes and meddling fingers I have set myself many, many tasks to complete. The problem is that I’m not very good at getting on with them…I procrastinate (which is so unlike a writer!) but whilst I’m as happy as larry to sit for hours on end editing a paragraph, or two, I cannot make a start on any jobs of a housework nature. This is because I believe they are going to take far longer than the time I have available to me so therefore, I reason, what is the point in starting.

Now since I’ve started writing in earnest the house has taken a bit of a back seat and I’ll give you an example although the house proud (and squeamish) amongst you might want to close your eyes for this bit. A few weekends ago I was preparing roasties for the Sunday dinner for which I use dripping (I don’t hold with those that swear by goose fat at all!) Unfortunately the shopping fairies had forgotten to deliver some, or indeed order it in the first place (because they couldn’t be bothered to even put it on the list – how many times!) so I hunted in my fridge for an alternative to add to my meagre supplies and came across some lard. Aha, I said to myself that will do though I’d better just check how old it is…Apr 2013…My! Doesn’t time fly! I thought, which was immediately followed by the realisation, in my daughters words, that I am indeed a scaffy cow!

alarm clock

Anyway this gives you an indication of my poor level of housekeeping skills and my general lack of interest in tackling any task due to the shortness of time available. But then…as if it were meant to be the S Magazine in our Sunday paper had an article on how to Change your life in 15 Minutes*. I’m not going to go into all of it here because for this post I only need to focus on one bit…the 15 minutes. The idea is this, you set your alarm, in my case on my phone and then you tackle the job you hate the very thought of. It is amazing how much you can do in that time.

Miss Havisham

There are cobwebs hanging from ceilings in my home that Miss Havisham would be mighty proud of. Great swathes of them clutter up corners, festoon the pelmets and on occasion reach right across to the light fittings…yes really! They do get pointed out to me and I look at them…often in awe at their construction then as soon as I look away they are gone from my mind and it is as if they never existed.


Seriously…I forget they are even there and I never look up. But, since my 15 minute revelation cobwebs are a thing of the past (well almost) as I set that timer and set off like a whirling dervish with my multi-coloured synthetic fluffy thing that I’m sure is a poor excuse for a feather duster and the cobwebs are blitzed as I go until it appears I’m holding a huge grey candyfloss wand in my hand.

Feather duster

Obviously there are many jobs that are clearly going to take longer than 15 minutes but it is making that start, breaking the back of it…that gets you committed. Let’s face it in 15 minutes I can get all the clothes out of my wardrobe – who knows what I’ll find, it’s been a while, but I’m imagining shoulder pads – from the first time around – and probably much I haven’t been able to fit in since that time as well. And by that point I’m committed you see. If I ever want to get back into my bed again I have to do something about it…although there is always the spare room…hmmm…

So wish me luck for tomorrow as I’m tackling the untamed wilderness of the garden who knows what havoc I can create in 15 minutes! (The wardrobe is next weekend…I can only stand so much excitement!)

Ooh and in case you were wondering…the roasties were delicious…and no one was ill! Result!!


* Written by Christine Fieldhouse and with input from Tricia Woolfrey, author of 21 Ways & 21 Days to the Life you Want (Verity Publishing) and Arvind Devalia, author of Get the Life You Love (Nirvana Publishing)

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4 Responses to Spring Vigour in 15 minutes
  1. I only clean when visitors are due around, and then I only do the rooms they’ll use – shocking isn’t it? But life’s too short and there’s always a book calling to me.

    • Not shocking at all Rosie – I am totally with you on this…so much other stuff to do! But action needs to be taken in our house in a few areas as we are filling up and before we know it will be on one of those programmes about hoarders!! 🙂

  2. I’m with the pair of you – life’s too short for housework. I only tidy when visitors are due as well 😀 I love the idea of the 15 minute rule though and might give it a go.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! I’ve given the 15 minute thing a good go in the garden today – there’s barely a plant left unscathed – haha! Once I got into it I zoomed straight through the alarm as I was really into it and I’ve done a solid piece of work out there. It’s always the getting going isn’t it?


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