I have been meaning to get back to the second book in this series, Power Play, for an incredibly long time. Still, better late than never, eh! As I said in my review for the first book, Party Games, I’m not a fan of politics but written well before Brexit (and all the horrors that has brought) was a twinkle in someone’s eye reading this novel now comes with something akin to fond nostalgia. Oh, how innocent and naïve we all were way back then.

I am just going to say right at the outset that I loved reading this book. There is so much going on in it, leadership battles, plotting, affairs, back-stabbing, scheming, family rifts, death, birth and everything in between. Really it’s everything you would expect in a story about politics and so much more. The characters are very well-drawn. the pacing terrific, the writing excellent.

As you can probably tell I heartily recommend this energetic and incredibly entertaining novel. It’s for anyone who enjoys a well told story.

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