You always want to have a rocking first week, don’t you, with any challenge. I think we can safely say that I have not had one of those. However, I have been incredibly busy. I suppose it wasn’t that wise to have started this at what is the busiest time of year in my day job but having made the decision I had to plunge right in. If not now, then when, and all that.


So what have I been up to. Well just before I started this new accountability stuff (my first post is here if you missed it) I had run a workshop for writers wanting to self-publish and I had all the aftermath of that to deal with.


I wrote a book review and my first podcast post for a new feature on the blog. I even made a video – my first ever – and posted that to Facebook and Twitter. I’m not entirely convinced it drew in any new views to the blog but it was good to try and I shall be doing so again. I have been listening to podcasts again this week as well which I’ve really enjoyed.

I’ve tried to be more active on Twitter again but that remains hit and miss on when I can fit in a few minutes here and there.

It was my writers’ group meeting (Huntingdon Writers’ Group) on Tuesday which was the awards evening for our short story competition and I’m only telling you that so that I can add that I won! Yay! It is the first time I have won any of the competitions at our group so I am delighted.

On Wednesday I managed to squeeze in a little bit of actually writing. And it really was a squeeze in job as I knew what the rest of my week was looking like and doubted I’d be able to at any other time – how right I was!

I ended up doing a few hours of beta reading on Thursday. All short stories so nothing too arduous. One was for a friend, and a few others for one of the workshop attendees.

Then on Friday I was thrilled to appear on Teri Polen’s Writer’s Reading Corner where I got to talk about a book I love as well as showcasing my own and that was great fun to do.

As you are all no doubt aware, and heartily sick of hearing about it by now, I have been promoting Parallel Lies all week as it was in a competition to be the’s Book of the Month. Thank you to all of you who voted for it, I really appreciate your support. Unfortunately I have just heard that it didn’t win which is a bit of a blow but anyway, onward and upward…


And so to the writing… hmmm, as you can guess it has not gone well, but here are the numbers

Project B – Hill of Beans –  previously 4998 words – now 5532 words (I know, pathetic)

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – still 45 words, so no progress at all 🙁

I shall be working on finding much more writing time in the next week – time blocking, that’s what I need to do, I heard all about it on a podcast. Have a great reading/writing week everyone!


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6 Responses to Accountability Post #2 ~ To Reach That Goal ~ #amwriting #publishing
  1. You managed a bloody sight better than I did, so you have my respect!

  2. Congratulations on setting goals and working toward accomplishing them. It’s not so easy, but just stick with it.

  3. Wow G, congratulations you are a human dynamo!

    • Well, not so much on the writing, but I am doing some other stuff so at least that is something. Great to see you here, E, I appreciate you commenting 🙂


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