There is a post it note pinned to my notice board in my office and on it there is a quote which reads:

‘Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm’

Winston Churchill

I don’t feel like much success has come from the stumbling about I’ve done this week but you never know what all the little failures may yet flourish into. That is me trying to put an optimistic spin on things with what little of my enthusiasm remains after a rather savage critique I also received this week. I won’t share that with you. No one ever needs to see that. However, I thought this accountability stuff should do warts and all so while I’ve felt like doing this…

I’ve been far too busy to spare the time for wallowing so had to give myself a good kick up the backside instead and just get on.

Writing time has been desperately poor this week as my day job has also become my night job, but outside of that, this is what I’ve achieved.

I did get my book review, Wordless Wednesday and podcast posts up – yay!

I spent a miniscule amount of time doing some planning of my WIP so I’m going to try and carry on with that today.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on GDPR stuff which I’ve had to do for my day job business, Georgia Rose and Three Shires Publishing, plus a couple of other smaller things I’m involved in. Such fun! (I guess that is what has swallowed up the week for me actually)


I did do something proactive today and that was make a landing page on Mailchimp with a little enticement on it for those who sign up to my newsletter, you can see what by clicking here:

Mailchimp Landing Page

Finally, onto this weeks stats…sigh…

Project B – Hill of Beans –  previously 5532 words – still 5532 words.

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – previously 3563 words – now  5036 words.

 Have a great week everyone, let’s be productive!!

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8 Responses to Accountability Post #4 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing
  1. GDPR nice to see the U.K. government embrace european legislation so enthusiastically. One wonders post Brexit (if that ever happens) whether it (GDPR) will be heaved overboard in a gesture of independence or we build on it. Not sure which would be worse, wasted effort or ever increasing burden.

    • Unfortunately, Andrew, I feel that GDPR is here to stay as we will still be trading with the lovely citizens of the EU, so as Linda says, hopefully it will be the kind of thing we only have to do once. Although there will of course be the ever increasing burden to contend with…

  2. I swear living is getting much harder. Everything is so fragile and can be damaged so easily, sometimes I want to retreat to my knitting and just stop trying.
    Luckily, these moments don’t last long!

    • I totally understand what you mean, Anita. It does feel like a tough trail to follow sometimes, doesn’t it? Fortunately we have that inbuilt resilience that makes us not want to completely give up 😀

  3. GDPR has swallowed my week, too. But I’ll get there by Thursday, now I (sort of) know what I have to do. Or to be more accurate, what my son has to do, as he does the complicated website stuff. I suppose it’s the kind of thing you only have to do once… Let’s hope for more writing time next week.

  4. Thank you very much for the heads up about GDPR, Georgia. I didn’t even think it affected authors till I read this post so I’ve been busy trying to make everything GDPR compliant today and it’s been a real headache.
    I’ve managed to put a privacy notice on my Heather Burnside website although it shows as a separate page rather than a footnote link (that’s a bit too complex for me). I’ve had my Diane Mannion website taken offline since I don’t do any client work these days and it’s so long since I used the software, I can’t get it to upload anything.
    The mailing list is a bit of a concern as I believe we have to get permission even for those people already on the list, which means authors may lose a lot of the people on their mailing list if they don’t respond. MailChimp has been down all day so I’m still trying to sort that one. I’d much rather be writing any time than doing all this technical stuff. 🙁

    • Hi, Heather. I’m glad I’ve been of some help, and yes it is all a bit of a pain. Can I suggest you listen to the GDPR episode of the mark Dawson podcast I blogged about recently. That was very informative as no, you should not be asking your email list for consent because under the current laws they should already have given consent to be on the list and if you don’t have consent then you shouldn’t be emailing them in the first place, even to ask them for consent. I hope that makes some sense. You need a Privacy Notice and I shall be emailing my list to inform them of mine and pointing them in the direction of the unsubscribe button etc etc. Anyway, I hope you get it all sorted out.


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