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Some of my most creative thoughts happen when on a dog walk, as do my best conversations with my dog-walking buddy. So I thought I’d invite some of my author friends along to join me and my Ruby and see if I can find out a little more about them and the book they’ve just released.

Ruby as a puppy

Ruby as a puppy

Noel Fletcher was born in 1946 in London and is married with two children. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1963 as a photographer and from 1970 flew as operational helicopter aircrew for five years. He was commissioned in 1975 and worked with the Defence Intelligence Staff until his retirement from the Ministry. He has held appointments in many parts of the world including Germany, America, Australia and Canada.


Considering Noel is a photographer he has failed to provide me with one for his interview! I believe that this has therefore given me free rein to play fast and loose with the image I conjure of him here. 😉

Disguised photographer

At the end of this piece is a link to his website where you can find out much more about him, including what he looks like. 😀

Hi Noel, I know you retired off to pastures new last year but I hope you’ve enjoyed your return and you’re ready for a hike across the fields of sunny Cambridgeshire?

I am indeed, Georgia. It’s good to be back.

Now that you’ve got my undivided attention Noel this is your chance to tell me all about And I don’t even have an Uncle in Australia and convince everyone to buy it and move it up their to-be-read list?

And I don’t Even Have an Uncle in Australia is a collection of short stories and poems which I created over a period of about ten years and which seemed to be just gathering dust and in danger of just disappearing into obscurity. So I decided to collate a number of them into an anthology and offer it into the public domain.

The title, weird as it may seem, comes from the first story in the book and, in some way, reflects the antithesis of the reason I offered when hitch-hiking my way from Singapore to Australia – does that make sense?

The stories and poems are an eclectic collection reflecting my outlook on life over that decade together with some imagination-stretching writing exercises. Some of which, I hope, will be of interest to someone, somewhere.

And I don't even have an uncle in Oz

Amazon UK : Amazon US

I know you’re an indie author Noel, but we all need help at various stages of writing and I’d like to know more about the team you have behind you. Who helps you pull your books together until they’re ready to be published?

Research for my two novels has been greatly assisted by my two adult sons, both of whom are experienced aeronautical engineers and both of whom were able to inject some of the finer electronic and mechanical detail where necessary. I have, of course, relied upon my own experience of life.


In terms of proof-reading, the first read-through is always done by my red-pen-wielding wife who scribbled helpful comments such as “did you really mean to say that?” or “in your wildest dreams sunshine!” After surviving that, the formal proof-reading was carried out by Ruth from Complete-Proofreader and thereafter by a group of trusted beta readers for their input, comments and suggestions particularly where foreign language is concerned.

If you could choose to be any character out of any book you’ve written, who would you choose? And why?

Tom Ravencroft in Colossus. Much of his character is based on my own career and life experiences. Men tend to take a secondary(ish) role in my novels but Tom is somewhat independent and, unlike some others, survives fairly intact.

A few quick fire ones.

India or Iceland?


Red or white?


Red wine

Which superpower would you like to have? And Why?

Invisibility (so long as my clothes were also invisible – don’t want to catch cold do we?!) It would be very useful for intelligence gathering, escapology, travel and entertainment.

The Invisible Man

What piece of advice would you like to give your 16-year-old self – if you were given the opportunity to use a time machine!?

Carpe Diem (seize the day), Sempa Alta Pete (Always Aim High – our family armorial moto) and, take advantage of every, and any, opportunity offered, think it through, and then pursue it to your full satisfaction. (A bit of an expansion on carpe diem I suppose).

carpe diem

I believe that perfect days are unplanned, BUT if you were to plan your perfect day what would it look like?

A perfect day would; be one full of inspiration, with the time, ability and facility to take full advantage.

Thanks for joining me Noel and I wish you every success for the sales of And I don’t even have an Uncle in Australia – I have already read it and you can read my review right here! 😀


A gratuitous photo, purely because it is my very favourite helicopter 😀

You can visit Noel at www.noelkfletcher.com where you will find not only a photo of the man himself but also that he is one of many talents! As well as book and short story information the site has examples of his poems, photography, art, paintings, cartoons and, as well as all of that he makes super nest boxes!

Kobra pb

Review of Kobra


Review of Colossus

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