Danger by Association

Congratulations to Heather Burnside on finally reaching release day for Danger by Association, the third in the Riverhill Trilogy. I reviewed Slur here and A Gangster’s Grip here. Although my purchased copy arrived on my Kindle only this morning I was fortunate to have been given a copy in advance and I’m delighted to be able to publish my thoughts on this read today.

I’ve puzzled over writing this review for Danger by Association as it’s tricky to write without giving spoilers, both to this story and to those that have come before in the series. So, bearing that in mind, and treading carefully, here we go.

Danger by Association is set 5 years on from A Gangster’s Grip. Rita, her husband Yansis and son Daniel have returned to Manchester to celebrate her brother John’s wedding to Paula.

Rita is keen to keep away from the Riverhill Estate not wanting some that live there to hear of her return or, more particularly, to know that Daniel is back.

However, after a major incident in the city centre Daniel is hospitalised and separated from his parents. No longer able to protect him, he disappears.

John, a policeman, gets involved in the case, managing to put his career on the line in the process and there are red herrings to lead all astray.

I particularly liked the parts written about Daniel and Maurice, an unsavoury character, and Burnside depicts their plights well. She even managed to make me feel sympathy towards someone I really shouldn’t feel any towards at all.

I couldn’t help feel that there would have been a lot more action about the disappearance of a child by way of media coverage and more interaction with the police but as this was set in 1996 perhaps not.

All in all this is a well told tale, tidily written and very well presented. I should also add that the eye-catching cover is excellent and suits the contents very well.

To read the end of this trilogy yourself, here are the links

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  1. Thank you so much, Georgia. I wasn’t expecting the review on launch day so this is a wonderful surprise. 🙂

  2. It sounds like a great read, G. And I do love a series 😀


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