The Attic Room

I have already read and reviewed The Paradise Trees here and The Cold, Cold Sea here and have been looking forward to my next read from Linda Huber, The Attic Room.

The Attic Room is mostly told from the point of view of Nina who is struggling with having just lost her mother, Claire, and who lives with her daughter Naomi on the beautiful Isle of Arran. She gets a telephone call which turns her world upside down and has to head off to Bedford to try and uncover what appears to be a family secret, the truth of which has died along with her mother.

Nina knows nothing of any extended family she may have and is keen to find out more but when she does she is in for an unpleasant discovery. It is a surprise that Claire never told her the truth however unpalatable but I can understand how that can happen. You always think one day I shall tell them then something can happen which snatches that chance away from you. I liked the chapters told from Claire’s point of view which filled in some of the gaps for the readers, if not for Nina.

I enjoyed the settings in this book. I love the thought of Arran, and while I intend on making it there one day I already know the second setting, Bedford, very well. Not as idyllic perhaps but I liked picturing the locations and knew just where the house that Nina inherits is located.

I found Nina a bit naïve to be honest, under no circumstances would I have stayed in that house for example, because this is a tale of murky pasts and unpleasant family histories and it’s only a matter of time before the full impact is realised on Nina.

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  1. Thanks, Georgia! The Isle of Arran is absolutley beautiful – please go soon! (I can tell you the exact location of Nina’s farmhouse – my friends live there 🙂


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