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Georgia Rose is a writer and the author of the romantic and suspenseful Grayson Trilogy books: A Single Step, Before the Dawn and Thicker than Water. A short story, The Joker, based on a favourite character from the series followed and is free to download from Amazon. Her fourth novel, Parallel Lies, a standalone, encompasses crime along with Georgia’s usual blending of genre. Following a long stint working in the law Georgia set up her own business providing administration services for other companies which she does to this day managing to entwine that work along with her writing. Georgia’s background in countryside living, riding, instructing and working with horses has provided the knowledge needed for some of her storylines; the others are a product of her passion for people watching and her overactive imagination! Her busy life is set in a tranquil part of rural Cambridgeshire in the UK where she lives with her much neglected husband and dog. Their son, currently at university, comes and goes and their daughter, having delighted them all for long enough, has eventually moved out, got married, and is discovering the joys of being all grown up and having a mortgage.

Okay, so about my change of direction. Once I had finished the reworking of my manuscript I was considerably happier with it and felt much more confident. I sent it back to Helen Hart at SilverWood Books who took a quick (and complimentary!) look at it and I asked her to arrange to have it […]

A quick word about the website, as I mentioned before I had thought I might self publish ‘A Single Step’ so thought I’d set up a very simple website. I say ‘I’ as if I was actually going to be the one to do that, in fact it was the good people at Deeho who […]

Helen Hart of SilverWood Books came back to me promptly with her appraisal and recommendation that I have a structural edit done with a choice of copy edit if I preferred. A structural edit was what I knew I needed, it would take three weeks to complete.

It was at about this time that people around me (those people on the very short list of those who knew about my book!) started to ask what I was planning to do with it. I hadn’t thought this far ahead being quite happy to just write but with some encouragement I did start to […]

This was the beginning of a series of reworking and edits. My editing consisted of a reworking of many sections, deleting, rewriting, changing words for others that seemed better as I continually second guessed everything I wrote. Suddenly I was finding myself having to look up words I’d used all my life to check they […]

I’ve always had a rather, probably rose tinted, view of a writer’s life. I imagined cosy relaxed days of being able to settle down each morning in a quiet place to spend a few hours in the uninterrupted bliss of writing. That image however bore no resemblance to the frenetic life I was leading in […]

As I’ve said I’m a new author writing a first novel but it wasn’t until I started writing that I realised I should’ve paid more attention in school to grammar and punctuation. It’s not like I haven’t written anything over the intervening years since my poor English teachers tried their best to impart their knowledge into me. […]

One of my earliest difficulties was in coming up with original character names. The main characters were fine, they just came to me by some sort of inspiration. It was all the others (and there are quite a few!) Trying to think of original character names I found tricky and frequently unsuccessful. Such as the very early […]

I am very lucky; I work for myself, at home and on a freelance basis for several different clients. It gives me a great deal of flexibility but also requires a lot of discipline and I found when I went back to work that that discipline was going to be severely tested.