Dream on is a work of contemporary fiction telling the story of various people in and connected to the members of a band in a town that could be yours. I bought Dream on a long time ago now and it has been languishing on my kindle, but I was delighted when I eventually got […]

Violent Disorder is a sequel to Ultra Violence (reviewed here) but is not written in the second person and although many of the same characters make an appearance it is predominantly about the Bully Brothers who for brevity are called HobNob and Bull. This is a work of fiction about football, but about the hooliganism […]

Who Else Is There? continues the story of policeman Mike Newman from For All Eternity but is not in the same short story format. There were many things I liked about this book but a few things I wasn’t quite so keen on. Mr Catshill is accomplished at producing strong, consistent writing and considering he […]

I do not particularly follow politics or have any interest in politicians themselves but however much we may try and steer clear of politics they are threaded through all of our lives however we choose to live them. Throughout our family, working or social lives politics reign so I don’t believe you have to have […]

I don’t think I’ve read a novel written in the second person before but I really liked it and thought it suited the storyline of Ultra Violence perfectly adding a direct, in the moment feel to the whole book. Barry’s attention to detail and his clever turn of phrase is, as always, impeccable and it […]