It’s Carla’s third birthday so it seems fitting that in my catch up of adding older reviews to my blog I put hers up today. If you want to find out more of how she came about there is a terrific new blog post out telling all…

It’s a truly wonderful thing to open a new book you’ve been really looking forward to from an author whose work you’ve enjoyed in the past. Of course there’s always the chance the book might not live up to your love of what you’ve read before so it’s a relief when you dive in and […]

Pattern of Shadows is a truly wonderful book. Beautifully written this romantic yet heartbreaking love story flows at a perfect pace throughout. I started off thinking one thing only to find my preconceptions wrong as Barrow skilfully leads you through this tale of life at the end of WWII for one young woman, Mary, and […]

The Ties That Bind is the second book in the Georgie Connelly Stories and it’s a terrific read. I really like the cast of characters Lindley is building through this series and she skilfully develops their personalities and interactions along with this compelling tale. I shall aim to write this review without giving away any spoilers!