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19Jul 2018

I suddenly realised tomorrow is Thursday and I’ve not even thought about getting a podcast post together. However, I then spotted a post in my inbox from Jenny in Neverland (you can see her post here) and thought, yup, that one is for me 😀 First app you check when you wake up in the […]

21Jun 2018

Jenny @jennymarston_xo of Jenny in Neverland recently posted her answers to the 20 Questions Book Tag and left it open for any other bookworms to do the same, so here are mine. How many books is too many books in a series? As I’ve just read X by Sue Grafton (number 25 in her sadly-never-to-be-finished […]

14Jun 2018

Jenny from Jenny in Neverland posted this tag a while ago now (here is her post) and left it open for any other book bloggers to have a go, so here I am! Thanks Jenny!   Top 3 Book Pet Peeves People not returning books I lend to them. People telling me they never buy […]


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