28Dec 2015

This series has been all over the place style wise for various reasons, as well as taking forever to post, but according to the adverts on TV this is clearly the time for booking that holiday. So although I feel like keeping the joys of Gozo to myself for fear of you all overpopulating the […]

21Dec 2015

Okay, stop all that Christmas chitterchat people. Nothing says Christmas like beach holidays and hey it’s warm enough for June here so bear with me. I have no idea how you all manage to put out so many posts but as I stagger towards the end of 2015 I’m determined to finish these off. We’re […]

03Oct 2015

I went to bed to the sound of cannon fire last night. Festivals, Saints Days, Sundays – the Gozitans are crazy about fireworks, and cannons, and it seems barely a day goes past without some sort of celebrating somewhere! Gozo is much known for its “Karnival” (carnival). Festas are also a very important tradition on […]

22Aug 2015

I felt the taste of sea water on my skin for the first time today. It’s been unusually windy and cloudy – the coast definitely red flagged since we got here. Gozo has several small beaches and one large one at Ramla but none of them are particularly commercialized. While the beach at Ramla is […]

15Jul 2015

Today I start Hollywood Shakedown… We’re off exploring this morning, aiming to find a beach at Mgarr ix-Xini (you’re on your own with this one, I’ve never heard it said out loud…) A restaurant, called Rew Rew, that overlooks the bay has been recommended in our visitors book and we thought we’d check it out […]

08Jul 2015

The wonderful Saviour showed us round the farmhouse on our arrival and as part of his tour pointed out where the nearest bus stop was, with a bus coming every hour, he told us. We tried to ascertain when exactly on the hour but couldn’t manage to bottom out the answer on that. As it […]

05Jul 2015

Last month I was lucky enough to be featured on Rosie Amber’s Beach Reads Book Tour 2015 where we each got the chance to tell you about our ideal holiday destination and choose 5 books to take with us (you can click on the link to find out my choices). As I was due to […]

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