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29Oct 2015

I decided a while ago that I didn’t want to have my books exclusively anywhere so A Single Step has, for some considerable time, not been enrolled in KDP Select but has been listed on Kobo, Nook and Smashwords (which distributes widely). However, I have been extremely bad at advertising this fact, and I need […]

12Oct 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of an excellent book, or seven, is definitely in need of a shedload of marketing. However… I don’t think I’ve come across any author yet who particularly likes this side of their job. When I first met Mark Barry via Twitter I only knew him as Wiz Green and it took […]

23Sep 2015

This is a sharing post for my chat with a writer of superb psychological thrillers, Linda Huber. She interviewed me from her lofty castle in Switzerland where she pens her chilling reads and we discussed  the pros and cons of being an author and the challenges I faced writing the third in the trilogy, Thicker than Water. I hope you enjoy! […]

19Sep 2015

This is a sharing post for my visit across the pond to chat with Brenda Perlin, #LAPunkQueen, top ‘faction’ writer and fabulous supporter of indies. We couldn’t stop talking, apart from when we were eating the ice-cream sundaes! She asked many searching questions so if you want to know about my guilty pleasures or the controversy I caused over the simple […]


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