Toes in pool

It’s hot but breezy today, a nice combination. We have last day laziness and don’t want to do too much so we head off to Hondoq Bay.


It’s shallow getting in the sea here with loads of rocks around for interest. I always see plenty of crabs in this bay. Not big edible ones, these are small bodied with long spidery legs which splay out across the rocks. Their front pincers then sweep across the surface of the rocks I assume gathering food.

There are always shoals of fish to see as well. I don’t have the wherewithal to take underwater photos so these images from Google (free to use and share of course!) are like some of the fish I have seen.


fish 2

fish 4

fish 1

You only have to put ‘fish in the Mediterranean’ in to Google though to make you wonder if you should venture in again…

These I fortunately did not see…

fish 8

fish 7

fish 5

fish 6


I finished off the trip with ice cream and after a lazy lunch and afternoon we went out for dinner ending that with a delicious chocolaty pudding…sigh…

As usual when heading home from holiday I have a head full of plans for what I’m going to do on the blog, and in the lead up to the release of Parallel Lies, convinced that this time I shall manage to fit it all in when I’ve never managed to before once the day job kicks in…ho hum.

I’ve added in here a few sites about Gozo you might find useful as a source of no doubt more coherent information than I’ve given you here:

Tomorrow we travel home and I shan’t be writing about that but I have done an update on my list below as to what I actually achieved on this break.

Holidays since becoming an independent author are not the same as they once were and mine now wouldn’t be complete without a few challenges. So I decided to set myself some stuff to do, what with the new book on the horizon and all that. Here goes.

List of goals for the week:

Blurb and back matter to write – totally my most important task! – Done!! Yay!!

No. of books to read – 12 (okay so I am being ridiculously ambitious here but these are what I have on my seriously-I-have-to-get-to-these-right-now list!) – No. actually read, 7, so not too shabby.

No. of book reviews to write – 12 (hahaha! Although it does stand to reason) – Reviews mapped out ready for posting on my return – 7, of course.

No of blog posts to write up for lead up to publishing – 14 (based on the list of ideas I’ve had, though not all may make the final cut!) – Result – notes made on 5, so a lot more to do, unfortunately as that launch kicks off in a few day’s time…eek!!

Keep a diary each day so I can do a series of posts on my return – Done, although it did peter out from sheer inertia towards the end.

Interviews to plan questions for – 5 – Done!

Clearing emails out of Inbox – no. at start of holiday – 4967! No. at end of holiday – 5,396!! Good grief, I shall have to dedicate some serious time to getting through all of these 🙁 (Apologies if I haven’t replied to you!!)

Toes in the sand

Here are my farewell feet as they leave the sea for the last time…

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7 Day 8

Thanks for reading

Georgia x

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6 Responses to #Gozo 2017 – Day 9 – Fish and Final Days
  1. I’ve really enjoyed my second-hand holiday on Gozo – thank you! (And go back soon!)

  2. judith anne barrow August 27, 2017 at 6:46 pm Reply

    Well!! Didn’t we have a lovely holiday, Georgia. Shame it was vicariously. LOL Brilliant posts and photos Tempting hubby and me for a holiday there ourselves..

  3. I can’t believe we’ve come to the end, G. I’ve got vicarious post holiday blues. Your photos are amazing 😀


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