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Fully organised by the wonderful Malta Choice, yet again (they make my life so easy!), I have just returned from a perfect week (and a bit!) away in Gozo with my better half. I roughly kept a diary, admittedly it did peter out as the holiday progressed, but I thought I’d follow on from the posts I did two years ago, the links for which are at the bottom of this post for anyone who wants to look back. So here we go!


The saving grace of the two am start is that we get to our destination in perfect time for a reviving Cisk, or two.

I have returned to Gozo again and it is like coming home. As always the travelling and waiting around provided plentiful opportunity for one of my favourite things, people watching. I was particularly fascinated by all those making merry at the bar at a time of the morning when all I can stomach is tea.

Pretty laid back when travelling I always relax further and feel I’m truly on holiday when I get on the ferry from Malta to Gozo. This time that relaxation is further assisted by a Cisk lager, brewed in Malta. I don’t usually drink lager, but there’s something about the sun which suddenly makes it as appealing as nectar is to bees.


We had an entertaining transfer from the airport. Our driver being all over the politics of Britain and full of questions as to what we thought was going to happen to Theresa May as well as the sorry outcome of Brexit. The Maltese, and Gozitans, are keen supporters of all things British and have clearly found the result of the referendum baffling. They are not the only ones.

There is always plenty to see on the drive and the hills are covered with flowering purple clumps of thyme. The heat releasing the aroma from the herb until the air is pregnant with it and I inhale the scent as we drive past.


We’re extending our usual week by staying for a couple of nights at the Grand Hotel in Mgarr, which is the port town. When we arrive we go for a quick lunchtime pizza and (another) Cisk before wending our way up the, not inconsiderable, hill to the hotel where we were greeted with a very welcome chilled glass of fruit juice.


What was even better was that we had been upgraded – yay! Thank you to whoever made that decision. 🙂 This has only happened once before, when I was away celebrating a significant birthday so it’s clearly a perk of getting older – and I love it! We have a wonderfully large suite with a view over the port and it is all very swish. There are comfortable sun loungers on the balcony, a mini bar (very tempting!) and luxurious robes, all of which is delightful and I decide I shall be right at home here.


I am having a few weight issues at the moment (oh who am I kidding, it’s been particularly bad for a couple of years – definitely not a perk of age!) so while still intending on enjoying myself I don’t want to have piled yet more on by the time I return (oh how I laugh as I type this up now I’m back home!) so I take the opportunity and do fifty lengths of the pool, which is on the fourth floor. (Just imagine how bad things would be if I hadn’t done that ;-))


Strangely I haven’t had a nap yet which probably means I shall fall asleep with the first sip of wine over dinner. I’m certainly in need of a decent night’s sleep.

We wander back down the hill to eat overlooking the harbour later and I’m sure the walk back will have offset any ingested calories that may have been consumed… ahem.

As we are at the port already we are off to do something we’ve never done before tomorrow… watch this space!

My reading choices and reviews for the week will be included in further instalments.

Thanks for reading

Georgia x

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15 Responses to #Gozo 2017 – Day 1 – Early Starts and Upgrades! @maltachoice @GrandHotelGozo
  1. Brilliant, looking forward to tomorrow xx

    • Ahh, now then, I’m planning this as a weekly thing (if I can stick to it!) last time I think I posted the last day at the end of December which was shockingly slow, but I will try better this time. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Ann xx

  2. I’m heading off to the US next week and have purchased oversized outfits to accommodate my swelling waistline, lol! However, I’m also going to follow your advice to ‘enjoy myself’, after all that’s what holidays are all about. Great post, Georgia x

    • I love the fact you have thought ahead and done that Shelley – I have been reliably informed that the portions are on the large side in the US, so you’re very wise! Have a fab time 🙂 x

  3. Lovely post – and I know what you mean about people being full of questions about British politics. I can’t put my nose out the door without an orderly queue of Swiss people (and others) forming, all wanting ‘information’…
    Looking forward to more lovely pics!

    • I know, it’s strange isn’t it. Last year we were out there just coming up to the big vote and the taxi drivers loved to chat about it. Thanks for reading and commenting Linda 😀

  4. I love your Gozo posts G! I’m very impressed that you got upgraded – that’s my fantasy but it’s never happened yet 😀 I’m looking forward to Day 2 xx

    • It was, obviously, a total surprise E. I have no idea why we were chosen but I’m delighted we were, and although I’m sure all the rooms were lovely this did make it very special 🙂 xx

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