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We headed out to San Blas beach today. We first went there two years ago but gave it a miss last year as it is challenging to get to, or more importantly, back from.

We left the car at the top of the hill although there is a small car park part of the way down the hill. But the walk between those two points is the easy bit.


There is however an incredibly steep road to get down from thereon – I doubt our car would have had enough grunt to make it back up after our visit anyway!

The views are wonderful and on the walk down you can see across the valley to where the land has been stepped to provide growing areas.


The last time we made the trip we were greeted at the bottom by a small bay of dark golden sand and there was a fair stretch of it until you got to the sea. This time the waves were crashing right over where the sand had been. I don’t know if that was purely due to the weather conditions or if the sand at that part really has been washed away. There was a larger expanse a bit further along but we stuck to the rocks and as there was no chance of a snorkel I made do with just standing in the waves for a bit.


I was glad I hadn’t gone fully in after seeing one poor woman who, when trying to get out, lost all her dignity when she was picked up by the next wave and unceremoniously hurled up the beach. There were far too many rocks around where I was standing from that not to have hurt.


It was very peaceful and quiet and we spent a bit of time there then had to tackle the return journey. Lifts are offered, at a price, and while tempted we thought a bit of exercise wouldn’t do us any harm. So we set off. It was just gone midday, it was hot and it was bloody steep. I mean seriously steep. I do exercise in the form of a workout at home but that was no preparation for this and my Cambridgeshire legs struggled. My iron calves screamed with the strain while my heart and lungs had a full work out as I gasped for air and I’ve never been more thankful to reach the air conditioned interior of the car before.

After a little recovery time lunch was the usual large rolls filled with ham and cheese, onion, peppers and tomato, with crisps, fruit and, of course, Cisk.


After the mornings exertions I needed a lie down. I was meant to be tackling the nearly 5,000 emails I have in my inbox on this trip but I haven’t started that yet. What I did start however was my next book. First things first!

(I should clarify, by that I mean reading rather than writing, my next book)

Round Trip Fare

I chose an excellent one today. It was Book 4 in the urban fantasy Null City series, Round Trip Fare by Barb Taub. You can read my review by clicking on the title 🙂

FullSizeRender 1

Holidays since becoming an independent author are not the same as they once were and mine now wouldn’t be complete without a few challenges. So I decided to set myself some stuff to do, what with the new book on the horizon and all that. Here goes.

List of goals for the week:

Blurb and back matter to write – totally my most important task!

No. of books to read – 12 (okay so I am being ridiculously ambitious here but these are what I have on my seriously-I-have-to-get-to-these-right-now list!)

No. of book reviews to write – 12 (hahaha! Although it does stand to reason)

No of blog posts to write up for lead up to publishing – 14 (based on the list of ideas I’ve had, though not all may make the final cut!)

Keep a diary each day so I can do a series of posts on my return.

Interviews to plan questions for – 5

Clearing emails out of Inbox – no. at start of holiday – 4967!

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4

Thanks for reading

Georgia x

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8 Responses to #Gozo 2017 – Day 5 – Beaches and Books
  1. I am with you, re the steep walking, we undertook plenty on a recent trip, it does make you feel good when you reach the top.

  2. Looks fabulous – I love wild beaches with lots of waves. You must have felt very virtuous after all that exercise!

  3. judith anne barrow July 30, 2017 at 3:01 pm Reply

    beautiful photos, Georgia. What a holiday – green with envy. lol x

  4. San Blas beach sounds amazing, G, although I don’t think I would have made it back in one piece even with the promise of a nice cool Cisk 😀

    • You could always have got a lift up on the back of a quad bike, or something similar E 😀 Though I have to say I start to feel warm just at the thought of that climb.


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