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My favourite arable crop is barley. In a breeze it ripples and undulates like the sea, changing colour and texture as it does so. Random? Perhaps, but bear with me.

We travelled to the Marsalforn coast today wanting to go to Obajjar Bay where last time, even though the seas were a little lumpy it was calm enough for a snorkel. We’d woken to an unbroken blue sky so were hopeful the weather had calmed down.

Sure enough it was safe enough for a snorkel and in Obajjar more than anywhere else I swim there are huge swathes of some sort of sea grass – I don’t know it’s official name but each strand is about a foot long and roughly the width of a pencil. I love watching it as in the current it swishes and sways, just like the barley crop up on dry land.


I saw masses of fish and one particularly big shoal of about forty blue and yellow stripped large fish feeding from the sea grass as they hovered over it.

We moved onto Xwejni Bay and I went in again following three scuba divers this time. I really should try that out at some point. I’d love to see something more exciting than fish one of these days, not that they aren’t lovely, of course. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for an octopus but I am a little hampered by my poor eyesight. I’m long sighted so losing my glasses when I put my mask on means deficiencies in what I can see. I never really notice it under water and to be honest at least it does help me not spot potential UST’s!


UST = Unidentified Scary Thing!

In my ideal world I’d like to see something really big, though I’d prefer one of these…

To one of these…

Eek!! I know turtles are in the Mediterranean (as are sharks – 47 species of them, I’ve just found out! Yikes!) so perhaps one day.

There are salt pans in Xwejni and today a man is filling them with sea water. Families still farm the salt from these pans and sell it locally.

Salt pan sign


The afternoon was spent reading, swimming and writing, though not all at the same time. I have brought many things along with me that I intended on keeping on top of this break, particularly with a new release on the way, but so far not much progress has been made on any of it.

The blurb is the most important thing to do and Simon Emery, my wonderful cover designer is waiting for it so I do intend on making a start on that, just as soon as I’ve freshened up for the evening, eaten, and had a glass, or two. Only to relax the writing muscles you understand 😉

Burnt Promises

I read another book today, Brenda Perlin’s Burnt Promises, and you can read my review by clicking on the title 🙂

Holidays since becoming an independent author are not the same as they once were and mine now wouldn’t be complete without a few challenges. So I decided to set myself some stuff to do, what with the new book on the horizon and all that. Here goes.

List of goals for the week:

Blurb and back matter to write – totally my most important task!

No. of books to read – 12 (okay so I am being ridiculously ambitious here but these are what I have on my seriously-I-have-to-get-to-these-right-now list!)

No. of book reviews to write – 12 (hahaha! Although it does stand to reason)

No of blog posts to write up for lead up to publishing – 14 (based on the list of ideas I’ve had, though not all may make the final cut!)

Keep a diary each day so I can do a series of posts on my return.

Interviews to plan questions for – 5

Clearing emails out of Inbox – no. at start of holiday – 4967!

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5

Thanks for reading

Georgia x

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6 Responses to #Gozo 2017 – Day 6 – Really? Already! Snorkelling and Salt Pans
  1. Lovely! Your UST looks a bit like a Moray eel. I saw one once at the Maldives – I thought it was scary, too! 🙂

  2. How brave are you with those USTs. You wouldn’t get me under there 😀

    • I just try not to think about it E, plus I don’t go out too far 😉 (And I try not to think about the fact that all the seas are connected, and anything could be anywhere! Eek!)


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