#bookreview for The Business of Writing Part 3 by Elizabeth Ducie @ElizabethDucie #nonfiction #TuesdayBookBlog

The BofW part 3

I have always been impressed by the professionalism of Elizabeth Ducie so when I had the chance to be an early reader of her business books I jumped at the chance. I have therefore received a free copy of this book but that has no bearing on the content of my review.

I am as easy distract as a kitten is with a laser, so this part of the series was probably the most useful for me to read. It starts by doing an excellent job of telling you to be kinder to yourself, which is always good to read if not easy to act upon.

Imagining each writing task as a project this book shows you how best to manage that project using various planning methods. It also discusses time management which I can struggle with as having so much to do I can lose focus, panic and end up getting nothing done. You can learn how to differentiate between Musts and Wants as well as Urgency versus Importance. It is this section that I am going to reread and put into action.

This is followed by a problem-solving section which introduces some useful methods of working out a solution, and ends with a Miscellany, for odd bits and pieces, and with a useful section on Scrivener which I’ve never used but am intrigued to find out more about.

As always with Ducie’s business books this is filled with concise, useful information and I’m sure anyone reading this one would definitely find something in it to help improve their effectiveness. Highly recommended.

Amazon UK

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Accountability Post #8 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing #havetakenaweekoff!

This week I have been mostly doing this…


The only time I drink beer is on holiday, no idea why.


Playing in the sea


Eating, not cooking… Yum!


Saw lots of these when snorkelling


Ate more than my fair share of these!


Read loads!!


Still haven’t seen one of these!


Love it!


More eating…


Also love all of this!


Resting and relaxing…


As an added superb extra, I even went riding 😀


Oh, yes!

All photos, apart from the first one, are courtesy of Pixabay
Note that none of these photos feature me or where I’ve been they are merely representations of everything I have been doing on my week off 😀

 I won’t be burdening you with the diary meanderings of my holiday this year but posts from previous years are now all in the Travel category should you wish to take a look.

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The Book Blogger Insider Tag #BookBlogger

Jenny from Jenny in Neverland posted this tag a while ago now (here is her post) and left it open for any other book bloggers to have a go, so here I am! Thanks Jenny!



Top 3 Book Pet Peeves

People not returning books I lend to them.

People telling me they never buy books but will just borrow someone else’s when they have finished with it, when I am sitting on a stall selling my books, although of course I smile sweetly in understanding.


Your Perfect Reading Spot

On holiday, or actually any time I am away from the house (where I work as well.) Here I read last thing at night and first thing in the morning (I set my alarm early just so I can do that) at both times I’m a little dozy. However when I’m away from the house I can read for hours and can often get through a book a day and it is blissful!

3 Bookish Confessions

When I was a child I turned over the corners of pages instead of using a book mark – don’t, I can hear your gasps from here!

I don’t enjoy reading Shakespeare. I studied it at school and understood what was going on when I had the teacher deciphering it along the way but I’ve never fancied struggling through it since.

Not sure if this is a confession but I feel guilty that I’ve never read any Dickens (I have all his books!), and I feel as if I should have done.

Last time you cried while reading a book

When I got to the end of The Horse Whisperer. I was on holiday, on my own, on the terrace, late at night, unable to put it down.

Number of books on your bedside table

20, plus my kindle, so probably a couple of thousand on top of that (how can you tell how many books are on your kindle?)

Favourite Reading Snack

Well, in my perfect world, where I can eat anything and never put on weight, chocolate, or chocolate covered biscuits. In the real world I don’t snack on anything, mainly because I’m usually in bed!

3 books you’d recommend to anyone

What a question that is!! No, I don’t think there are 3 books that I could recommend to anyone, not without causing offence somewhere. There would either be too much swearing, violence and sex for Great-Aunt Millie or not enough for Cousin Ed! And if I started naming names among my author friends… ooh, shudder…

However, you can’t go far wrong with The Very Hungry Caterpillar now, can you? 😉

A picture of your favourite bookshelf

Indie Shelf

My Indie Shelf!

How much books mean to you in 3 words

Escapism. Relaxation. Entertainment.

Biggest reading secret

I’m not sure I have any reading secrets. Hmm…

I shall have a good think about this and add something if it comes to mind but right at this moment I have drawn a blank.

I’m not going to specifically tag anyone in here but instead I’ll open it up to anyone who wants to have go. Tag me into your post though so I can see your answers! 😀


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#WordlessWednesday ~ Things I Like ~ Graveyards

Bit of a strange one this, but there’s a certain peace to them…












tombstones-3031047__340Images courtesy of Pixabay
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#bookreview for The Business of Writing Part 2 by Elizabeth Ducie @ElizabethDucie #nonfiction #TuesdayBookBlog

The BofW part 2

I have always been impressed by the professionalism of Elizabeth Ducie so when I had the chance to be an early reader of her business books I jumped at the opportunity. I have therefore received a free copy of this book but that has no bearing on the content of my review.

I’ll come clean and say that because of the work I do in my own small business this book was the least useful of the series for me as it covers all the things I do day in and day out anyway. However I do think that has perhaps given me a unique perspective when it comes to reviewing it.

What I found was that this is a comprehensive, well laid out and easy to follow guide for setting up the finance side of your business. I say business there rather than writing business because this book would be just as useful for any business getting started.

There are again downloads to help you start recording your finances and everything is so well explained and yet still done in a concise way it really is helpful.

I thoroughly recommend this useful book and am looking forward to moving on to the next in the series.

Next time I shall be reviewing Part 3 of The Business of Writing. Improving Effectiveness. I certainly need that, even if you don’t!

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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Accountability Post #7 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing

It’s 0215 hours (my son is in the military, it’s rubbing off) and I’m cleaning the bathroom. This can only mean one thing. I am leaving the premises for a bit and am embarrassed enough to be concerned about what my son (and no doubt his mates, in our absence) will make of the state of it to have had to do something about it before leaving. What can I say, I’ve been busy. I’m also a lousy housekeeper.

Prior to leaving however I reached my target weight at Slimming World on Monday – yay! And on Tuesday won the Writer of the Year Award at my writers’ group (Huntingdon Writers’ Group) – double yay! This means an awful lot to me as although our group is small, the standard of the writing in it is high, so to be the chosen one amongst such company is humbling.

I have also written thousands of words. Sadly they were not my words but those of a client of mine – still the typing practice was, I guess, useful.

I can’t remember a time when I was in such a panic (work wise) when trying to get away but eventually I got to the stage where I managed to throw a random collection of stuff into a suitcase and left at some ungodly hour.


Before doing so I did manage to get this package off to the first winner of the monthly prize for signing up to my newsletter – I threw in a little tasty extra. Who doesn’t love getting more than they were expecting? If you fancy a chance at winning next months prize, click here to enter.

I’m finishing this in the dark, after too much red wine, because I meant to do it earlier but also do not seem to be able to stop sleeping… so missed that opportunity.


Not much has happened on the stuff that matters, sadly…

Project B – Hill of Beans –  previously 5532 words – still 5532 words.

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – previously 10,014 words – now 10,014 words.

C’est la vie…

Apologies if this is all a bit random… Have a fabulous week everyone, I’ll be back soon xx

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Retro-fitted #bookreview for Lunch Hour, a Flash Fiction Collection by Calum Kerr @calumkerr #flashfiction

It was meant to be a podcast post today but I have simply run out of time so there’s this instead:

When I started this writing caper I decided to review everything I read. I posted those reviews to Amazon in the UK and US (you could in those days without having to spend $50 with them first! #JustSaying!) and Goodreads. It didn’t cross my mind to post them on my blog… duh! As I’m aiming to stick to a blogging schedule – oh, how we laughed! – and as I read desperately slowly I shall add in these retro-fitted book reviews when I don’t have a current one to post.

lunch hour

It’s difficult to stop reading a book made up of such short stories as you get drawn along wanting to get on with the next one, so I didn’t really, pretty much finishing it in one sitting! I didn’t realise at first that these stories were linked but as the stories flowed, each one complete in itself, the underlying storyline developed showing a picture of an office at lunchtime and its occupants. People’s lives are always interesting yet so often we don’t know much about those who work next to us and this collection of flash fiction covers a wide range of the office workers and their thoughts and feelings. A delightful collection of very well written short stories, there is something here for everyone and I highly recommend this excellent read.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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#WordlessWednesday ~ Things I Like ~ Elephants













elephant-2231690__340Images courtesy of Pixabay
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#bookreview for The Business of Writing Part 1 by Elizabeth Ducie @ElizabethDucie #nonfiction #TuesdayBookBlog

The BofW part 1

I have always been impressed by the professionalism of Elizabeth Ducie so when I had the chance to be an early reader of her business books I jumped at the chance. I have therefore received a free copy of this book but that has no bearing on the content of my review.

There is a comprehensive introduction to this book which sets out the author’s background and what qualifies her to be writing this book in the first place. There follows an extensive table of contents which covers everything from business planning, to getting paid and tax matters. Each section is broken down which I particularly liked as a lot of the sub-sections are very short and therefore easy to absorb.

Now, I run my own business and have done for many years, I also have my author business alongside which I run workshops on which I teach some of the content of this book. I am also very good at telling other people what to do and not doing it myself, so the first sentence hit a nerve. “The starting point for every new business should be a good, clear business plan – ” Have I done one of those? No I haven’t, which immediately made me think that perhaps I haven’t been taking my author business as seriously as I should have been.

This book is an excellent guide in setting yourself up in the right way. Even if you are already up and running in your business, like myself, there is plenty to learn here. Ducie also covers business structures and taxation in the US as well as in the UK so this is not all just UK based knowledge.

Ducie provides downloads for all the tools she suggests using together with references throughout for where to go for further information and advice. The book is not too long, is factual and informative, so if you are looking for a no-nonsense, easy-read guide to help you get everything set up in the right way I can highly recommend Part 1 of this series.

Next time I shall be reviewing Part 2 of The Business of Writing. Finance Matters. Yes, it certainly does!

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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Accountability Post #6 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing

It can be hard to keep your confidence as a writer. Most of the time you think whatever you write is completely rubbish anyway and it doesn’t help when someone actually confirms that for you. That happened to me this week. However I’m clearly in a good place at the moment as following the initial downer I was left feeling that ok, that clearly wasn’t good enough, the next thing I do has to be better.

This view was no doubt helped by a turnaround in my writing this week and that happened because of a timely reminder and kick up the backside provided by a very good friend of mine. You know who you are and although I doubt you are reading this, thank you.

So, yes, I eventually found myself writing with enthusiasm this week and it felt wonderful.

I’ve planned out a timeline for the story which at the moment does have a rather large plot-hole sized hole in it, which is a little alarming, but I’m hoping as I approach it at typing speed some solution will present itself. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed on that one!

I’ve also written a couple of mini-sagas (a story in 50 words, not easy!) some book reviews and I’ve been scheduling a few posts for the blog for the next couple of weeks, where I can.

Busy, busy, busy.


This week, or maybe last week, I don’t know any more the time flies past so quickly, I set up a landing page for my newsletter, which is cool, even though I’m way too old to be using that word 😀

For wonderful people who sign up via my Landing Page there is the chance of winning a prize, each month. I’ve just done the first draw which was very exciting and am currently waiting for the prize winner to get in touch. If you want to go and see what that is about you can click here (and do sign up if you would like to take part!)

Mailchimp Landing Page

So, finally the scores on the doors…

Project B – Hill of Beans –  previously 5532 words – still 5532 words.

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – previously 6275 words – now  10,014 words.*

* I shall qualify this by saying that I was so desperate to get past the 10K milestone I may have finished off with something so nonsensical that it will never see the light of day, but that’s what editing’s for, right!?!

Have a great week everyone!

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